What Are The Types Of SSL And How To Use Purchased SSL From Third Party

Description: With the increasing uses of SSL certificate, certificate Authorities has come to provide different types of SSL. Here in this article we will discuss the types of SSL and process of installing third party SSL certificate.

What Are The Types Of SSL And How To Use Purchased SSL From Third Party?


While the uses of SSL have increased, some organization makes use of it for confidentially and other uses it to gain the trust of their customers. By showing SSL certificate, organizations wants to prove that they are a vetted and legitimate organization on whom customers can have full faith. However, several types of SSL certificate are available while you can also go for third party SSL certificate in need. Here both the types of SSL and process of using third party SSL certificate is explained one by one.

Types of SSL certificate:


There are mainly three types of SSL certificates issued by the Certificate Authorities and these are Extended validation SSL certificate (EV), Organization validation (OV) and Domain validation SSL certificate (DV). All three types are explained in details.

Extended Validation (EV)

This is probably the most trusted SSL certificate and it is being used by most of the well known and big organization these days. The CA follows strict guidelines to issue the EV certificates where they check the right of the applicant for using a specific domain name plus a thorough research is being conducted of the organization. Here are the things to be verified by CA before issuing an EV SSL certificate.

  • The legal, operational and physical existence of the entity is verified
  • It is thoroughly checked if the identity of the entity matches with the official records
  • A verification is done to see if the applicant has exclusive right to use mentioned domain name in the EV SSL certificate.
  • It is also verified if the entity has perfectly authorized issuance of the EV certificate.

Also a second verification of the audit is required in EV SSL certificate where the CA is to be audited successfully before issuing the certificate and this audit should take place each year to maintain the integrity of the issuance method. This certificate can be used by all kind of organization and government as this SSL certificate has become a necessity these days more than a luxury.

Organization validation (OV)

Whether it is a third party SSL certificate or else a regular SSL certificate, Organization validation is another type to be used by all kind of organization. Here the certificate issuing authority checks the right of the applicant if he has the right to use a specific domain plus the scrutinizing of the organization is also done. The discovered information about the company is then displayed to the customers as they click on the Secure site Seal. It no doubt enhances trust among customers and they know that they are in safe place.

Domain validation (DV)

This is the basic SSL certificate that is normally being used by the small companies. Here only the right of the applicants to use a specific domain name is being examined other than which no more vetting about the organization or other thing is conducted. Also any added information is not being displayed within the Secure Site seal except the encryption information.

How to use third party SSL certificate or to use a SSL purchased from third party?


A third party SSL certificate can be created in case you are in the Enterprise plan. For this, what all you need to do is generate a CSR (Certificate signing request) and it will provide all the needed information to the SSL certificate issuer for issuing one.

Multi-domain or Wildcard SSL certificate too can be purchased from third party to start your job. This kind of certificate is helpful in case you have multiple stores or else just a single store that has several sub-sites.  However, the process of buying and installing a SSL certificate from third party is same for single and multi-domain and in both the cases a CSR is to be generated first. The process is explained below in detail.

Step 1:

As we mentioned that the first step is to generate a CSR, so fill out the CSR form of the web hosting company from where you have purchased the domain name and you will then receive a CSR (customer signing request) and a RSA key. Store both the information somewhere to be used later on.

Step 2:

The next step is to purchase a SSL certificate from the Certificate authority in case you have not bought one and then send the received CSR to that CA. But do not share the RSA key.

Step 3:

The certificate issuer will offer you a SSL certificate along with a SSL CA certificate which is also called as sometimes the ‘CA bundle’.

Step 4:

Upload the RSA key to your server.

Step 5:

Here you need to fill out the SSL installation form that will require all the information from the SSL certificate, SSL CA certificate and the RSA Key. Once you have completed filling out the form, click on submit to complete the request.

That’s all and this way you can successfully purchase and install a third party SSL certificate. However, there might be some fee involved in some company which you will have to pay.

Here are some important notes to remember:

  • The CSR is required for issuing a new certificate only, so in case the time has come for your SSL certificate renewal, ensure to have a new CSR for a new certificate with a new expiry date.
  • The CSR and RSA key also should match with each other in order to work, you can check this by going to
  • In case, the CSR does not match with the RSA key, then make a request for a new CSR and go ahead with the certificate renewal process.


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