What Is CDN

CDN is the abbreviation of content delivery network or content distribution network, which is a what is cdn_largely distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centers across the Internet to accelerate the performance of websites. Up till now, it serves a great deal of Internet content, such as web objects, applications, downloadable objects, live streaming media, social networks and more.

Content delivery network consists of servers in the globe, so as long as users have integrated with CDN, the contents on their websites can be copied on all the servers. In this way, visitors can get access to the content from the nearest server geographically rather than users’ hosting server to improve the performance of users’ blogs or websites to the largest.

Benefits of CDN

In below, we will list out the main advantages of CDN to make readers get to know more informationfeatures about CDN:

  • It can be easily integrated with WordPress, Joomla and Drupal to make users manage their own popular websites without any problems.
  • CDN is awesome for SEO (search engine optimization). With it, users can get their own websites rank well, even for a complete beginner.
  • Improving the loading time
  • Adding to the SEO score of users’ websites or blogs

Top 3 Free CDN

Generally speaking, the overwhelming majority of CDNs is not free, while few of them are free. Today, we will introduce top three free CDNs, namely CloudFlare, Incapsula and JsDelivr to users.


CloudFlare is a popular content delivery network that is well received by the public and it was bluehost + cloudflarelaunched in September 2010. It is famous for accelerating and securing thousands of websites. With CloudFlare, users can speed their websites by almost 50%. Moreover, it contains DDOS protection, web application firewall as well as global network of high-powered servers (13 POPs) and more.

By the way, some hosts also have the strength to offer free CloudFlare to help customers have an excellent environment to host their websites, such as BlueHost and A2hosting. Both of the two companies have been in business for multiple years and are committed to offering top of the line service at an affordable price.


Like CloudFlare, Incapsula is also a popular CDN. It can boost website performance by utilizing advanced networking, dynamic caching and content optimization techniques. In addition, it can automatically detect and block any DDoS attacks to ensure a safe environment.


As for JsDelivr, it is a great option for web developers and bloggers, which offers expertise CDN services for JavaScript content. It features experts in JavaScript delivery, global network of high-powered servers (13 POPs), and full SSL support.

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