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What Kind of Blog Comments Should be Approved

Blog commenting is the common method that most people use in order to drive some traffic to their website. Not only it brings a lot of people into the website, but the flows of the creative juice along with interaction between bloggers become quite active. Blog owners like to activate the blog comments as it helps them to interact with the readers and get to know the feedback what the commenter have.

CommentsOf course, there is no doubt that repeated and sensible blog comments are considered as a golden egg by the Google. Google like and promotes those websites which has got a good amount of traffic and contains sensible contents and comments too. There are certain authors who simply approve all kinds of comments and there are others who just quickly weed out the comments which are spam and just designed for creating backlinks.

Before you start to accept and reject the blogs, there are certain Do’s and Don’t that you need to follow.

  • Respectful: Now one thing that you need to realize is that the blog author was sincere and respectful while writing the blog. In the same way, you as a blogger must try to be respectful about commenting. A blog owner will find it least effective and avoid those comments which are filled with threats and profanity. Just like how you won’t want a new visitor or a neighbor to come to your house and start cusing and threatening, in the same way, the comment should not be vulgar and assaulting.
  • Reading: If you are a blog commentor, try to make sure that you read blog post in order to form a definite idea for writing a comment. Various individuals are simply concerned with in getting backlinks that they do comment or say something which is quite irrelevant to the given conversation or topic of the blog. For example, just imagine a blogger post comment related to chips and fish, but the entire post is about grammatical issue, it won’t look nice about you and your comment.
  • Concise and Simple: It is important that the comment posted has to offer some kind of personal insight on a given topic and not be a kind of personal dissertation. In case if you are quite passionate about any kind of subject or topic, you need to bring the given discussion to the personal blog that you have. In addition, you can provide the original blogger with the link that leads to your website and send them as an email which could inform them that they have been blacklinked.
  • Proofreading the Comments: It is important that as a blog owner you need to proofread the comments. This gives a sense of authority to you. Now as a blogger, you need to ensure that there are no grammar-related to issues in the comments. Constantly reading over the work will ensure that there are no amount of typos which could be caught while spellchecking. Basically, once the comment becomes live, then it becomes quite difficult to retrieve it back.
  • ApprovedAvoiding comments that are advertising: When a comment is written, most of the blog pages will ask for your email address as well as URL. This is the enough advertisement for the post written by you. Now if you keep screaming about the product that you have at all the given opportunities, then there are chances that your blog will get deleted. One thing that you need to realize is that it is hard to enhance the conversation of words especially the words of mouth.
  • Ambiguous Remarks: Try to avoid being quite ambiguous remarks which adds nothing to the given conversations. Various comments like ‘great’ and ‘thanks’ are simply useless. Somewhat it becomes obvious to people who are reading your blog that you simply want to create a backlink. In case if you have nothing to talk about the post, then don’t comment about it.
  • Unique Comments: Try to ensure that your comments are unique and it should be compatible to the original post. There are other authors who would be commenting on the given blog. So, in case the blog is about to save tress, and the other authors of various blogs would be commenting and giving their views. You need to write about saving trees and avoid going off board related to the topic. In case you do go overboard, try to ensure that your comments don’t get deleted. Always take time to think what you are going to write and ensure that it gets approved.

The above given points can indeed help in ensuring that the comments made by you are accepted. As a blog owner, the above given points are the guidelines that you have to ensure in order to ensure that your blog is filled with meaningful comments.

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