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Despite of a number of free hosted blogging platform, most people, especially SMBs, tend to host their blog on a self-hosted blogging platform such as WordPress for full control over the blog, customizable themes, and a complete access to their backend files. However, to run a self-hosted blog, one needs to lease digital storage space from a web hosting provider.

Compared to free hosted blogging platform, a reliable blog hosting service can give self-hosted bloggers faster speed experience, better security features, more blogging-friendly offerings, and premium 24/7 technical support. After reviewing on a hundred of blog hosting providers in the industry, we grants iPage the title of Best Blog Hosting company. Want to why? We will explain that in this article.

iPage is Experienced

Founded in 1998, iPage (www.ipage.com) is a subsidiary to the Endurance International Group (EIG) and is managed by a group of experienced team. Having been engaged in hosting business for nearly 20 years, iPage currently has served more than 1 million websites and gains a long-standing reputation for eliminating the complications of hosting an online presence and providing robust features to help build, market and grow it.

iPage Special Coupon

In order to attract more bloggers, iPage often gives a steeply discounted sign-up price for all new hosting accounts. This also makes iPage one of the best cheap web hosting providers in the industry.

Regularly starting at $7.99/mo, iPage blog hosting currently is being promoted with a discount from 62% to 75% off. Bloggers can have access to three billing cycles: 1-year, 2-year and 3-year. The longer term a blogger signs up with, the bigger saving he can get. Namely, if bloggers purchase a 3-year plan, they just need to pay with $1.99/mo.

iPage Exclusive Deal iPage Exclusive Deal
75% Off

Beyond that, iPage’s 30-Day Money Back Guarantee makes bloggers rest assured that they can have full money back if they’re not satisfied with the blog hosting service and terminate their accounts within the first 30 days.

iPage is Blog Friendly

iPage makes creating a blog site a piece of cake. There is an 1-click installer for having popular blogging platforms such as PixelPost, b2evolution, WordPress and etc. quickly installed with simple clicks. Along with that is a free drag and drop iPage Website Builder, it enables for building the first 6 pages for a blog site for free. To meet bloggers’ needs for mobile-friendly blog site, iPage also packages a mobile optimized site builder in the blog hosting service. In addition to some easy-to-use setup wizards, bloggers can benefit from hundreds of templates and themes to generate a beautiful blog appearance.

Instead of offering multiple plans in different sizes allowing bloggers to choose from, iPage only has an all-in-one plan available. The plan is ensured to come with a full suite of features so that bloggers can create a powerful blog site as expected. Upon purchasing, bloggers can receive unlimited disk space to save files and data, build unlimited blog sites, as well as make use of unlimited MySQL databases. The hosting company sets no limits to the usage of bandwidth as well. Importantly, every blogger will be offered a free domain name for 1 year.

An email address on the domain is the perfect way to convey trust and keep in contact with the readers. Given that, iPage blog hosting includes unlimited POP3/IMAP email accounts. Bloggers can check email online with WebMail, alongside benefiting from email forwarding, autoresponders, and customizable spam filters. Also worth mentioning is that iPage blog hosting is a marketing friendly service. It exclusively provides every blogger with $100 Google AdWords and $100 Bing search credit.

Besides shared web servers, bloggers can upgrade their blog hosting plan to a virtual private server or dedicated server for dedicated hosting resources and enhanced security. But it seems that only those high traffic or business bloggers would have such needs.

iPage is Fast and Reliable

Server reliability is one of the most important aspects when it comes to blog hosting. iPage makes sure every blog site is hosted with sate-to-the-art Dell servers so that bloggers can experience powerful and fast execution speed. The hosting company also runs an up-to-date, high quality server system to help bloggers make the most of the site.

Also, to maximize the bandwidth capacity and site performance, iPage offers two data center options that are strategically located on Level3, Cogent and XO Global IP backbones. The data centers are equipped with UPS power backups along with a backup generation system, therefore guaranteeing 99.9% server uptime on average.

Worrying about the blog site security? iPage blog hosting features an enhanced security suite to help protect bloggers from spam, fraud, spyware and identity theft. They can also choose to increase visitor confidence while securing their blog sites by adding an SSL certificate to cart.

Due to these, iPage blog hosting gives bloggers peace of mind that their blog sites are running smoothly and stably. This, in some degree, is helpful improve the site rankings on search engines like Google.

iPage has Quality Customer Service

Last but not least, iPage blog hosting is backed by an experienced, professional support team. This is of great importance to every blogger as they will need to contact support dozens of times over the lifetime of blog.

Whenever need help, bloggers can get in touch with iPage support staffs via the 24/7 phone and livechat support. The hosting company promise to respond to every request as quickly as possible. At the same time, iPage online help center is also available via email and/or ticketing system around the clock. Additionally, if facing up with some simple issues, bloggers can make full use of its step-by-step tutorials in the Knowledgebase.

Verdict: iPage is the Best Blog Hosting Provider

Firstly, iPage blog hosting service really charges at an affordable price level, starting at only $1.99/mo. Secondly, iPage has a bunch of blogger friendly features and tools that simplify the creation and management of a blog site. Thirdly, the performance and uptime as well as customer support of iPage blog hosting are guaranteed. In one word, iPage is worth the award of best blog hosting provider even when compared to other industry-leading web hosting companies on the web.

For more information, please visit www.ipage.com to find out.

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