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What to Do When Your Sales Conversions Start Decreasing

All the data that is generated for us when users visit our website was once almost useless because we were not sure how to find out things like click through rates, conversion rates, ROI, et al. Now that data has become more intelligible for us, you can find out the statistics of your website like your conversion rate and if it is dwindling then you can immediately start taking actions on how to improve conversion rate for your website. Conversion rate is the core of our discussion today and let us find out how we can improve the sales conversion rates of your website if you have noticed a decrease.

Factors that can make a difference


Every brand relies on a compelling campaign to drive traffic to the website and improve conversions. But we have come across websites where the link on the campaign had expired or the campaign itself wasn’t compelling enough for us to go ahead with the offer. Every time you start a new campaign, test it and see if it is worthy enough to run for a long period of time. If you do not notice a substantial change then it is probably better to discard the campaign rather than run it.

If you have made no changes to the campaigns you are running and you still see a sudden decrease in your sales then look for the campaigns being run by your competition. They may have come up with a great promotional offer which may be driving your traffic to their website.


If you recently changed your website and saw a decrease in conversions then there is a chance that your users are finding the new interface to be complex. There is also the chance that the new website does not have the same appeal as the old one. Do a close analysis of the page views and the way your customers are manoeuvring on your website to find out which areas require improvement.

If your competition has recently revamped their website and added a greater appeal to it then also you may end up losing traffic. Check competition websites to track changes and find out what is working for them.


This one is one of the most common factors for users to move from one brand to another. If you recently changed the price of your products, your users will easily be able to make a comparison when search engine results show the pricing of your competitor’s products to your users.


Most brands notice peak seasons when they sell a lot and off seasons when they do not have a lot of sales. If your website is going through the off season period then you should not make any changes to your campaigns or website. It is just the time when people do not require the product or service you need as much.

Changing campaigns or website can only spoil a good campaign that you were running and you may not be able to recover when the peak season begins.

These are the different factors that can make a difference to the conversion rate on your website. Let us look at how to improve conversion rate keeping these factors in mind.

Always Test Before You Implement Anything

From campaigns to website changes, testing is always required to know whether the changes are worthy of implementation or not. Run your campaign temporarily and check the results. Compare them with the results of long term campaigns and if you see a positive difference then the new campaign can be taken online.

For websites, A/B testing is a good option to find out if the changes to your website will improve conversion or not. It allows you to create two different pages and test which one does better before you go ahead with permanently using it for your website.

Make Your Website A Comfortable Place For Your Visitors

How comfortable will people feel clicking on different pages on your website? Is it too complicated for them to understand how to proceed to a conversion? Will they be able to complete the buying of a product without help? Make it as easy as you can for your users when they come to your website.

The more comfortable they are, the easier your job when it comes to conversions. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time on chaotic websites will you?

Build The Trust Of Your Users

People will stick to a brand if they trust it. Building trust on a website means that you must provide clear and accurate information to your users. Add photos of your organization and your team so that your user can be sure that there is a real organization or an actual person behind the website.

When your integrity reflects in your website, you will notice that your users will be easily persuaded into a conversion.

Introduce Irresistible Offers and Promotions

If your conversion rate reduced because of offers and campaigns run by competition, then you must be able to come up with a judiciously planned offer or promotion that will help you recover from the reduced conversions. Make your promotions irresistible so that your users automatically pick you over others. It will require a well-planned campaign so make sure that you do not rush into it. Test your campaign and make sure it is compelling enough for your users.

So if you want to know how to improve conversion for your website, make sure you check these factors and find out if any of these are not working for you. Dropped conversion rates can easily be rectified once you find out what is causing the problem. Don’t quickly retaliate with an offer and hope that it will always work. If your website is too complex then even compelling offers may not be able to get you adequate conversions. This is why it is important to find the reason and then make sure that you address the problem.

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