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Where to Find Low-Cost Professional Images for Your WordPress Website?

Visual is the most important part of a website. People have high regards for a website that look visually attractive and beautiful. They tend to come back for more every time. According to a research around 46% people say that the design of a website is the top criterion for discriminating the reliability of an enterprise. There are many websites that offer stunning and striking pictures but most of them tend to charge high prices from you. If you are running on a budget then purchasing from these websites would not be a good idea. Here are some good options where you can get free images for websites.


  1. Gratisography

A spicy and quirky image is what Gratisography is famous for. All the images are high resolution and can be used for both business and personal uses. There are no copyrights on the images; free of all restrictions. You can pick an image of your choice to beautify your site. The only drawback of the site is that there is no search function which is why you would have to scroll to look for the image you desire.

  1. Photo Pin to get free images for websitesW-2

Bloggers looking photographs for their blogs can come have a peep in Photo Pin. This is the hub of beautiful pictures which the bloggers can use for their blogs. It is simple to look up images and you will find photographers new and experienced who share their collection with you. Although there could be times when some of the images are not of a good resolution and lack quality but it is not difficult to get a classy image that matches your criteria.

  1. UnsplashW-3

There are ten images released on every tenth day by this website. Unsplash is famed for its royalty free and high quality pictures. None of the photographs releases have copyrights giving you the freedom to use them for your website. It features an easy to look up images feature using which you could find the image of your choice; such as flowers, work, home etc. Unsplash also features a Google Chrome extension that displays a random picture in the background on opening a new tab which can then be downloaded on your system.

  1. SplitShireW-4

SplitShire is all about excellent pictures that look real. All of them are free images for websites and they have more than 600,000 downloads that seems to be increasing in leaps and bounds every day. The website is updated daily with fresh pictures. You can use tags filter to simplify your search or view them in mosaic. Whether the purpose of your image selection is business or personal, no one goes back without picking a handful of stylish looking pictures.

  1. Jay Mantri to download free images for websitesW-5

Grab pictures that have a magical charm in them. Whether it is nature or food, beaches or people, photographs on Jay Mantri are outstanding. Although the site is pretty new but is absolutely deserving on the list with the beautiful gallery that is has. The pictures are copyright free under Creative Commons.

  1. Stocksnap.ioW-6

Stocksnap.io has thousands of pictures in their collection and the gallery is updated with new pictures every week. The first page of the website directly guides you to start looking for pictures and also displays their popular searches such as computer, sunset, coffee, books, business and much more. Their images have been made royalty free so users can select any pictures they want to use for themselves.

  1. PixabayW-7

Pixabay also comprises of some sponsored photographs from Shutterstock. The images can be downloaded under Creative Commons public domain deeCCo, that allow you to download, edit, dispense and use the images for marketable reasons without any provenance. It has got some amazing collection of pictures and the site is a must visit if you want quality pictures.

  1. WikiMedia CommonsW-8

Besides having a gallery of free images, WIkiMedia also has numerous video and audio files which can be used by anyone without paying any royalty. Although there could be some pictures that might have a Creative Commons licence most of them can be used without attribution. Ensure you go through the information on licence before you can go ahead with the download. They also host contests so if you have the skills and you are interested you could contribute to the gallery as well, you never know your image could be the winning beauty.

  1. Public Domain ArchiveW-9

The pictures of Public Domain Archive are known for their creativity and creative bloggers and website builders flock here to collect some for their sites. All the images are of high resolution with quality dripping from every inch of the picture. The website has been designed to be navigated easily and the pictures can easily be searched from the different categories listed. The pictures are completely free to use and Public Domain Archive is an uber cool place to shop for photographs.


The website features pictures for both business and personal use. The category listing makes it easier for you to filter down the pictures that you are exactly looking for. They have a huge library of wonderful and good quality pictures which cover topics such as beauty, fashion, food, nature and many other categories. The pictures can be downloaded and used freely but you would have to give attribution to the author. They also have a premium membership introduced recently. The prices are pretty economical and are affordable even by small businesses. The premium gallery is special and you have access to some of the best pictures with the membership.

Your choices are vast for pictures and all the above sites provide free images for websites which you can use for both personal and business purposes.

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