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Why and How to Block a WordPress User without Deleting His Account

locked-account-messageWordPress does provide users simple ways of running a site having large number of authors. For each author, is provided with an account having a set of permissions. Some are given rights to write post and give for review, while others are provided with writing post and giving at his or her will. There are some people who are given the post of an editor where writing, posting is done by the individual. There are people who get various responsibilities and on one fine day, the individual could quit from the organization. This could create a major setback in the plans of the organization.

There are chances of malicious activities taking place by the author. Also if the employee has written lot of blog posts over the years, those content are not to be lost too.

The problem with deleting the user account is that when you take such a step, you are forced to either delete the pages and the posts done by the user of assign the account details to another user so that continuation of the account can be done.

There are certain options available which explains about the options available. Some of them are as follows:

  • Making the change in the role of user to subscriber – This does keep the user from writing any posts or editing those posts. But it does not stop from making change to the display name. If the theme of the author’s name is displayed, sometimes user whose intention is not good could change the display name to a not so interesting and get it displayed on every post it is put. This method is basically not suggested by most people.
  • Modification of email address / password – When change in password is done to the user’s account, email link is send to their email address to retrieve the link of the password. This is an effective method unless the user can predict the password and get into the account.
  • Modification of the role of the user to No role for the site he was working – Once the role is changed to no role, a message gets displayed informing that no access is available for the user. This is an effective method as user can login but pages cannot be accessed into the admin section.

Display Plugin of the Users

Once this is activated, a checkbox is added into the plugin page where the administrator gets the right to disable the account and the message gets displayed.

The most common and simplest way to block a user to login into a WordPress account is by deleting the profile of the user. Before deleting the profile, you need to move the contents written by the user to another user. Then you need to change the password and email address which includes the gravatar too.

The following simple step will explain how you can block an account without making any deletion to the account of the user in WordPress.

First thing to do is install WordPress plugin named Account Locker Lite and get it activated. Once it is activated, you can edit the user whom you wish to block. At the end of the profile of the user, you can choose the option Locked and then click on update user. This will block the user from logging into the site without removing the account or getting the post transferred. Once the users are blocked, they cannot regain into the site or get the passwords reset.

If they try to login, they would get a message displaying the account is locked. You need to know that if the plugin is displayed, it will make the users get unblocked too.

Features of having account getting locked

  • Getting the user account locked by using the screen that is used for editing purpose.
  • Suppose the account is blocked, it does prohibit users in resetting their passwords.
  • Check the current status of user in the management section of the user.
  • Changing the status of the user directly from the management page of the user.

To conclude, changing the password does harden the security of WordPress site. This is considered to be one of the best security methods for WordPress masters. It is recommended to change the password if you are using WordPress admin username. Frequent change of passwords on regular intervals is important as it could avoid chances of your account getting hacked by users. With the rise of malpractices happening online, you can be a victim of getting your account being hacked by user. Blocking the WordPress user will make no more interaction of updates being done by the user and the new user can continue using the posts and blogs and make additions too without getting the work getting affected in any way.

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