Why Bisend the Best Managed WordPress Hosting?

As a WordPress beginner, you probably have come across a number of issues with your shared hosting, most of which stemmed from its business model. As a result of the nature of the share hosting—one single server with a fixed amount of memory houses hundreds of accounts—your WordPress site has to share resources like memory, bandwidth, storage, processing power and so on with other accounts, therefore being undependable because of the “bad neighbor effect”.

If you’re serious about your WordPress website, moving it to a managed WordPress hosting platform is advisable. Usually, managed WordPress hosting solution can offer highly WordPress-optimized servers along with a plenty of advanced features; importantly, it helps effectively sidestep the “bad neighbor” problem.

Due to the popularity of WordPress, a growing number of web hosts start offering managed WordPress hosting. Is every managed WordPress hosting reliable enough and worth your cost? Probably not, however. After making dozens of detailed, comprehensive reviews on different providers, we have hand-picked the Best Managed WordPress Hosting brands and Bisend is one of them.

Here’s why.

Bisend Managed WordPress Hosting Is Blazing Fast

Bisend managed WordPress makes sure everything, from the hardware to software, is optimized for WordPress websites. Along with the server-level caching in place, Bisend individually configures the servers with the most optimal version of PHP, MySQL, Apache as well as advanced server catching to deliver the best performance possible.

Bisend also utilizes the blazing fast SSD storage to speed up page loading times up to 20x faster than traditional hard drives. And with the partnership with only the world-class colocation providers in the United States and China, the hosting company is confident that their servers run in a closely regulated environment and are connected to industry-leading backbone carriers, reducing latency and accelerating connection.

Bisend Managed WordPress Hosting Is Highly Secure

Bisend takes the security of each managed WordPress hosting account seriously.

The WordPress hack & malware prevention system helps scan and patch customers’ files for any kind of cyber threats, preventing potential exploits from damaging the site or data. Apart from that, Bisend also secures customers’ WordPress websites using web application firewalls, DDoS protection, and free automatic backups and managed updates.

For any business websites, moving from HTTP to HTTPS has been a must-have strategy, for both security and SEO purposes. Luckily, Bisend provides every managed WordPress hosting customer with a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. In case customers need a higher-level security service, Bisend is reselling a wide variety of premium SSL certificates from Symantec, GeoTrust, Comodo, Entrust, and Digicert. From DV to OV and EV, from single domain to multi-domain and wildcard SSL, everything customers want can be found in Bisend SSL Certificate store. By the way, the prices are quite affordable.

Bisend Managed WordPress Hosting Has Daily Backups

No matter how secure a website is or how skillful a webmaster is in building websites, some bad things still occasionally happen to the website, such as cyberattacks, database crashes, or just something on the site getting lost. That’s why having a backup plays such a critical role in WordPress website management.

Bisend includes automated daily backups for customers’ current content. In the event they have changed files or some problem has occurred, the changes will be backed up so that they can easily restore to the previous version on demand.

Besides, Bisend also recommends customers to make their own backups periodically in the use of the extremely user-friendly Backup Manager in Plesk Onyx. There are three types of backup file supported, including domain configuration, mail configuration & content, and user files & databases. Customers can choose to back up all content or specify one or two types to be backed up. Importantly, Plesk Onyx supports creating scheduled backups as well! For more details, please refer to How to Back Up Your Website via Plesk Onyx tutorial offered by Bisend.

Bisend Managed WordPress Hosting Includes Automatic Updates

As any other trusted managed WordPress hosting provider, Bisend’s technical professionals install the WordPress core updates, theme updates, as well as many other site-specific updates immediately as soon as the general availability is launched. Due to that, customers don’t have to spend time checking for updates and waiting for downloads any more.

Bisend Offers Premium, Professional Support for WordPress

It is inevitable that people may get hacked sometimes even on managed WordPress hosting platform. Given that, Bisend has rock, solid support team, who are experienced in WordPress hosting field therefore having a good understanding of the WordPress CMS itself. Whenever customers encounter a problem, they can contact the support team for an efficient and effective solution.

The support team members are always ready to give help via email, ticketing system and live chat window, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Bisend Managed WordPress Hosting Is Affordable

It is understood that managed WordPress hosting has a higher price tag than a shared web hosting. For people who are running a serious business website, the additional cost seems more than justified.

Currently, there are three Bisend managed WordPress packages available. The entry-level pricing is set at $34.99/mo regularly. Now, upon applied the Bisend Coupon, every new subscription can get up to 57% off based on the payment term they sign up with. After discounting, Bisend managed WordPress hosting charges from $19.99/mo instead.

Bisend Managed WordPress Bisend Managed WordPress
57% Off

Along with the basic managed WordPress hosting solution, customers can get 1 website, 10GB SSD storage, and 25k monthly visits supported. For significantly higher level of traffic or higher level of performance, customers can pursue a more expensive plan.

Meanwhile, Bisend managed WordPress hosting is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. According to the refund policy, customers who are not completely satisfied with the hosting service can request for a full refund within the first 7 days; and request for a prorated refund if they cancel their hosting accounts after the 7-day period but still within the first 30 days.


To sum up, if you’re running a relatively big WordPress website and having no professional to take care of resource requirements of your website, Bisend managed WordPress hosting definitely can meet your needs. Though the cost, compared to its shared web hosting, is considerably higher, it is quite cheaper than many other managed WordPress hosting solutions in the industry.

More information, please check out www.bisend.com/managed-wordpress-hosting.

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