Advantages of Using PHP in Web Application Development

Advantages of Using PHP in Web Application Development

PHP which is known as the Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side, open source scripting language which is used by the developers of all over the world to develop dynamic websites and elusive web pages for the various kinds of online businesses. With the recent advancement in the need of an efficient and a well-designed website for the successful implementation of any online business, the need and advantage of PHP are widespread and the business organizations are in constant need of experienced and proficient Php developers to design and implement their website in an effective manner.

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor plays a significant role in the development of dynamic web pages and website developers prefer this as the primary language over any other programming language. Let us have an insight into the reasons why PHP is considered to be the most reliable programming language for website development. The advantage of PHP can be overviewed as:

Accelerated Efficiency

For any website developer or website manager, a website is considered to be efficient only if it gets developed at a faster pace. PHP ensures that the website development takes place at an amplified speed and yet offering the reliable solutions at the same time. With the use of PHP, the website developers are also able to create a robust website or application which can deliver several functionalities. The main advantage of PHP is that it offers unparalleled efficiency to the website developers as well as to the users.

Highly Compatible

The most striking feature of PHP is that it has been coded and developed to be compatible with all devices. PHP codes are supported by a myriad of devices and Operating Systems like the UNIX, LINUX, and Windows. This enables smooth website development in all possible Operating Systems. Moreover, the PHP language is also highly compatible with the databases like the MySQL or Apache.

Diversified Community of PHP

Another great advantage of PHP is that it has a large PHP community which continues to get bigger and expand itself as the industry of website development increases considerably. There might be times when the website developers or web managers might get stuck on a bug or coding issue and thus would need assistance to fix a bug and want help with writing a specific code; they can approach the community members of the PHP and they will have proper solutions in no time.

Even if you are starting as an amateur, you can seek help from the experienced members of the PHP community. As per the records, as many as twenty million indexed domains make use of the PHP as they have suggested and recommended PHP to be the most widely used open source platform for the creation and development of the dynamic websites. As many as 75-80% of the websites that are currently operating on the Internet have been developed using the PHP codes and media. Some of the pioneer examples of the leading PHP-based websites include Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, WordPress, Flickr; all these have been developed using the highly efficient PHP programming language.

Enhanced Integration

There is no doubt that PHP is the most versatile programming language and the medium for the development of the websites available in the recent era. PHP is used to support not only HTML but is can also support the latest version of HTML5. As a result, the users or the website managers can integrate several effective and useful features in their website which would make it more attractive and engaging for the users. With the use of PHP, the developers can also make use of the PDF files, texts of the format XML and XHTML, the Flash movies; all these types of files can be auto-generated by the use of PHP. This is the primary reason that PHP can be integrated to several web applications and websites.

GZIP Factor

When the website managers would enable GZIP with the use of PHP, they can ensure faster execution of the scripts and also the transfer of the respective files. When PHP would be compared to other programming languages, the advantage of PHP is that it has a better and quicker execution time due to the fact the PHP scripts are deployed in the executable manner or format which is done with the use of a PHP compiler. With the use of the GZIP compression factor, the size of the compiled code tends to reduce which directly decreases the overall execution time. Even better, most of PHP hosting service provider have enabled this features for you.

Highly Understandable

Another major advantage of PHP for the website development is that it is easy to understand. Even the basic learner or the beginner of coding can easily learn the PHP codes. The PHP codes are in the form of easy PHP scripts which can be placed anywhere in the document. A basic PHP code consists of simple PHP scripts and HTML tags. A standard PHP script is written as <?PHP as the beginning and ended with ?>. This feature of PHP that it is relatively easy and simple to understand programming language over other coding languages, the website developers, and the coders from around the world use to make their websites.

Numerous Extensions

The PHP language is filled with a handful of extensions which are aimed at simplifying the coding process of the website developers. For instance, the extension like SimplePie is used to as Atom/RSS parsing library for PHP. Other extensions like Xdebug serve as a profiler and debugger tool and TCPDF is used to create the PDF files or documents. With the presence of so many extensions in the language, PHP enables the integration of multiple functionalities in a dynamic website.

Highly Secure


The most significant advantage of PHP for the website development is that it is a highly secure programming language. PHP has introduced advanced protective methods like the Hardening-Patch and Suhosin to check for the possible errors in a website efficiently. Moreover, the software developers while constructing the dynamic websites with the use of PHP language can even embed a software named PHPIDS which ensures the safety of the website from intruders and malicious access.

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