How to rank higher on Google search

Why Do Sites Rank High On Google Results When They Are Not Optimized?

How to rank higher on Google search is the aim of each and every website owner and it requires them to follow some pre-determined rules such as creating good content, maintaining all the rules of Google and more. In one word, a site is to be well optimized in order to receive a good ranking in the search result. But there are situations when we have seen that a site is being ranked really high in the search engine even though it is not optimized and this makes us to think the reasons behind it.

Well, there might be various reasons why a non-optimized site is ranked high and all the possible reasons are stated here so that the website owner can take necessary steps to acquire the first position in listing.

Reasons why non-optimized sites get good ranking:

They are present for longer duration and are well established:

Experience and age is definitely one of the factors to take into account when it comes to website ranking. A website rank high in the search engine mainly because of its age. They are really older and is well established so surely having numerous back links, good quality content and all. At the same time a newly launched site even though well optimized with quality content, cross links, back links and other needed stuff, but still it take some time to grow and in this case the site owner are left with no choice but to wait till the site gets bit older which will automatically fetch them good traffic.

They have higher CTR (click through rate):

Another criterion which is being looked after by Google to rank a site in the search engine is its click through rate for different phrases. If a site has more click through rate, then it is obvious to get a good ranking as Google thinks more CTR is definitely happening as users think it appealing. But at the same time, bounce rate is also taken into consideration. If the bounce rate is high too, then CTR is not the reason for good ranking as a non-optimized site is ranked higher only when it has higher click through rate along with very low bounce rate. Low bounce rate indicates visitors are finding your page highly engaging and relevant.

There is a way to look into the CTR in Webmaster tools but for that you need to add your site profile there and then wait for few days to have a look into your site’s click through rate.

Linking strategy:

While many of us looking for the best way on how to rank higher on Google search, some website just simply gets the best position without optimizing their site and good linking strategy might be one of the big reasons for that. Linking refers to back linking as well as cross linking.

The number of back links really does not matter at all and what actually matter is the quality, the relevancy and authority of the links. If there are very few back links in your site but all of them come from .gov and .edu extensions, your site is bound to get good ranking irrespective of other factors.

Similarly, cross links are another factor in which a site really excels when they are ranked higher in the search engine in spite of average quality content. If you have added the in-content link throughout your site and cross link the pages well, it will automatically enhance the ranking.

So, the idea is to implement the linking strategy well and it could help you to occupy the top position on SERPS.

They have good quality content:

Content quality is no doubt one of the most important factors that reflect the ranking of a website. When a site is not optimized at all but still receive good rank, definitely it’s because of the quality content. And with the Panda Update, it has become easier for Google to keep a check on the content quality. This update let Google analysis effectively the content of a website and they can easily understand if the content is duplicate or not. Also, it is not enough rather the content of a website is being compared with other site’s content and the site with best quality content gets higher ranking.

Natural growth rate:

Acquiring a good rank in the search engine is what desired by all of us as we all look for profit after all. And in order to make things much easier, we actually end up adding lots of back linking, cross linking etc. But this happens so quickly that the whole process looks very unnatural and this is not being overlooked by Google as well. In contrast, the highly ranked sites do not accelerate the process rather grow at a very natural pace by acquiring all the needed qualities for ranking with time. And this is, of course, a great reason why a well-optimized site sometimes fails to get good ranking.

They face low competition:

Another reason why a site receives good ranking is the use of low competitive keywords. Yes, might be they are using a phrase that is not being searched by people very frequently. And it is very natural that the competitive terms are being updated by Google very frequently while the less competitive terms are not.


So, if you have followed all the possible things to fully optimize your site so as to get a good rank in the SERPS but still did not receive the expected result, know here the secrets of the good ranking. While how to rank higher on Google search is a question of many website owners, this article might be helpful for them. So, read the article carefully and it is to remember that just focusing on the competition is not going to yield you a good result, rather keep improving your product or service along with offering some focus on the website as well and definitely it will have a great impact for the long run.

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