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Why Not Host Blog with WordPress.com

The blogosphere has lately become very populated. Many people want to start a blog. For a large percentage of them, the purpose of the blog has its original meaning a – ‘web-log’. However, there are those who want to use their blog as a platform to advertise, to review products and basically generate revenue. The choice of WordPress Hosting is crucial in this sense.

WordPress.com provides a very effective solution for those who want to use blog as a personal portal, however if you want to do more with your blog, there are some inherent limitations posed by the hosting at WordPress.com. In this post, we shall discuss some of the limitations of WordPress.com.

Limited Earning

Probably one of the major limitations of a free WordPress site is that it doesn’t allow you to use Google AdSense or use other advertising programs. The terms & conditions of WordPress also prohibit you from writing paid posts, review products or sell links. Basically, you cannot use the free WordPress site for any commercial purpose. However, it does have a WordAds program, which is of course subpar to Google AdSense in terms of traffic inflow and outreach. Even after the WordAds program has been approved for your advertisements, you would have to share the revenue with WordPress.

The problem with Plugins

The strength of the WordPress comes in its customization features and availability of a rich pool of plugins and themes. In WordPress.com, you cannot extend the functionalities by uploading plugins. This is one of the major reasons why people migrate from WordPress.com to the self-hosted WordPress.org. By hosting your blog at WordPress.org, you can enjoy a wider spectrum functionalities with plugins.

The problem with Customized Themes

The theme choice is very limited. You can use only those themes which are available in the WordPress.com library. There are premium themes in the library, but that’s it. You cannot modify these themes, which is serious limitation for those who want to maintain a creative blog. For an additional $30 one can add custom CSS to make some cosmetic changes, but the overall functionalities and features remain limited.

So, if you want to use a customized theme, WordPress.com is not the place to host the blog.

Quick Suspensions

WordPress.com is unusually strict in maintaining its services. Routinely, many blogs are suspended on the grounds suspicions or complaints from visitors. In many cases, this is done without warning. Which means that the blogger might not be aware that her content is locked out. Once the blog is blocked, the subdomain name is blocked with it, means that if you are permanently blocked, you won’t be able to start a new account with the same blog subdomain name.

Unable to exploit whole of the WordPress platform

WordPress is a powerful platform. However, if you are using WordPress.com, you get only the blogging service rather than the whole of the CMS suite. Unlike the full-fledged WordPress platform, you won’t be able to cumulatively add features to your site. This can be a problem for those who intend to expand their site from a mere information sharing site to a traffic sucker.

WordPress.com is a good place to start if you want to maintain a site where you to share your personal viewpoints. WordPress.org does give some modicum of freedom with plugin facility, but that doesn’t give the needed flexibility. If you want to do something serious, it is better to switch to some of the  Best WordPress Hosting solutions in the industry, such as Bluehost, WebHostingHub, or MediaTemple. The way to go is to identify your needs and modulate your platform choice accordingly.

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