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Why Use Google Analytics?

There are a lot of Google Analytics features that help a website owner gain insightful knowledge about the way their visitors are interacting with their website. But that is not it, there is a lot more to explore in this software. Let us find out why Google Analytics is best suited for a website.


It Helps You Understand the Online Campaigns That Can Increase Traffic and Conversion

Advanced Segments in Google Analytics can be very useful in helping website owners find out which of their marketing campaigns are most fruitful. You can track traffic from local search directories, social media platforms and any other websites on which you have listed your company or business. It is easy to use and quick to set up. With the help of this Google Analytics you will be able to identify which campaigns require investment and which ones may not be profit-worthy.

Google Analytics Features Can Determine The Location of Your Visitors

A lot of brands use insightful data from Google Analytics to fuel their marketing campaigns. When advertising online, demographics can play an important role. When you know where most of your customers are located, you can use this information to target customers from these areas in your marketing advertisements. When you are more specific about the location of your advertisement, you increase the chances of being noticed by potential customers within the geographical region that you are targeting.

You Can Identify How Your Visitors Behave On Your Website


Another good reason for using Google Analytics is that it can help you determine the behaviour of your visitors on your website. Find out what they are searching for on your site and which pages they visit the most. You can check which links they click on most. This helps website owners find out the parts of their website which are most popular. It helps them build on those pages and include links that you want your customers to click on, on these pages.

You Can Customize Your Reports To Show The Most Important Analytics Data First

Website owners have their own priorities when it comes to the analytics data for their website. While some will be interested in understanding their website’s traffic statistics others may be more eager to find out about goal completions. You can customize your account to show specific sets of data when you login to Google Analytics. This information will show up on the dashboard. Having priority information available for you at just one glance is one of the Google Analytics features that website owners enjoy. It enables them to look at data in one view so that they can identify what is working for them and what needs improvement.

You Can Find Out The Time of The Day or Week Your Site Performs The Best

Timings can play an important role in marketing your brand. Your posts should be scheduled for a timing when most of your customers are likely to visit your website. At the same time, your website’s analytics data can help you form a stronger campaign for your email newsletters so that they are sent to your customers at a time of the day when you know that they will be online. This kind of information is helpful for scheduling posts and reaching out to customers and increasing the level of interaction on your website. Customer engagement can also be more effective when you know which time of the day most of your customers are likely to be noticing your posts.

If You Have Pages That Are Not Performing Well Then Google Analytics Features Will Identify Them For You

While most of the Google Analytics features tell you what’s going good on your website, sometimes, a brand also needs to know what is not working for them. This is where you can use the feature which helps you find out the worst performing pages for you. The data available through this can help the brand improve these pages by changing the design or the content on the page to make it more viewer friendly. Once you have made the changes, you can study the data again over a period of time to check the progress you have made after making the changes.

It Will Help You Determine The Reasons Why Your Visitors May Be Abandoning Their Shopping Cart


When websites have a multiple step checkout process, there is a chance that some of their customers may end up abandoning the shopping cart at a certain step. With Google Analytics’ Goal Funnel feature, you can find out which step has the most abandons. Based on this, you may want to identify the problems that your customers may be facing when shopping on your website. It is possible that your payment page does not offer adequate payment options or your order confirmation page does not offer enough value to your customers to proceed with the order.

If You Do Not Have A Mobile Website Yet Then You May Want To Check How Many Of Your Visitors Are Mobile Users

Google Analytics’ visitors menu tells website owners how many visitors are using a mobile to view the website. You will even be able to check which mobile device accessed your website. This kind of information can be used to take informed decisions regarding the creation of a mobile friendly or a responsive website. It can also help you determine whether apps will be an effective mode of reaching out to your customers or not.



These are some of the best reasons why a website owner should use Google Analytics. It is very user friendly and even beginners are able to find their way around quickly and easily. After the preliminary set up process, data collection is automated, so you just have to login and all the information will be available for you. You can also integrate it with other Google products for advanced use. Keeping in mind that this is a free product, the features it has to offer and the advantages it has for website owners, makes it the best analytics product that you can use for your website.

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