Reasons Why You Should Use Wordpress For Your Business Website

Why Should Use WordPress For Business Website

Business owners usually fall in two groups, they are either ones who need a website but don’t have money and time to get on it or the ones who have a website but its not what they want it to be.

If you fall in either of the two categories then wordpress is the solution you are looking for.

Why WordPress, you ask. Well, there are a lot of reasons why you should use your WordPress for your business website.

User Friendly

WordPress is extremely easy to manage, set up and use. You don’t need to be a HTML coding expert to use it. The only thing you need to use WordPress is a good Internet connection and a web browser. Go onto and sign up for a free membership. In just a couple of minutes, you’ll have your website up and running. You can also host your domain name there by just paying for a small additional fee.

Perfect For Your Website and Blog

WordPress originally started out as a blogging system, but it has evolved drastically overtime. It has now become a full-featured website management system which enables you to manage your website and your blogs as well.

Offers Thousands Of Professionally Designed Themes

WordPress offers many themes, and around two thousand of them are available for free. These themes enable you to have a professionally designed website without hiring an expensive web designer. You can also make use of the themes available on commercial websites like WooThemes, StudioPress and Theme Forest.

Easy Plugins

WordPress makes it easy for you to add content, features and dynamic to your website. Initially, WordPress was designed in such a way that its features could be further extended over time and that is what programmers have done around the world. There are about thousands of plugins available on wordpress that make it extremely easy to add functionality to your website’s core system. Whatever you need, whether it’s a complicated ecommerce system or a simple contact form, it’s just a click away.

WordPress Is Google’s Favorite

Google absolutely loves WordPress. This is because of the following reasons:

  • Google loves text based websites and WordPress is a text based website.
  • WordPress was initially created as an ultimate blogger’s tool and Google loves blogs.
  • Google looks for websites that have a logical architecture and WordPress is very logically designed.
  • WordPress can easily make websites that are mobile friendly and Google loves mobile friendly website.

Extremely Famous

Some very famous business and names use WordPress, like Best Buy Mobile, Georgia State University, The New York Time Company, About Australia and etc. Few famous celebrities use WordPress. To name a few Katy Perry, the Rolling Stone, Snoop Dogg and many more. Keeping in mind the easy to use plugins and availability of professionally designed themes, it is not surprising that over 75 Million websites were using WordPress around the world that makes it around 23% of the total websites on the world wide web.

Community of WordPress

Because WordPress is so popular around the world that it’s only natural that a generous and active community has sprung up that will exchange ideas with you, will provide support and helps make WordPress better for all its users. You can easily connect to this community either online on the official WordPress forum or in person at WordCamp events all around the world. This community will clear out all your concerns, questions or needs.

Extremely Mobile Friendly

One major concern of people these days is the ever-changing technology. How can a website be designed which will work with any tablets, smart phones, laptops or iPads. This is known as Responsive Web Design. Many themes available on wordpress are designed to be mobile friendly. This way your customers wont be challenged when they visit your website on their smartphones. In addition to this, the dashboard of wordpress is designed in such a way that it will work just fine with your full sized laptop screens as well as on your smartphones. This way you can manage your website when ever and where ever.

Developed Overtime

WordPress is almost ten years old and has developed a lot in this past decade. It has been tested and enhanced and made user-friendlier. WordPress can handle up to ten thousand pages and if your website has less than that then also you are good to go. As the years pass-by, you can change your business’s website with the changing trends and give it a new look using the themes available to keep it current, fresh and exciting for your clients.

Another Bonus Feature

WordPress is free from all commercial limitations and restrictions. That means that you can use this software anyway you choose to and also host your website from where ever you choose to. You do not need to fear that any change in any one else’s business’s model will not have any impact on your business model. This is one of the most important assets for any business owner.

Use WordPress because it will enable you to have full control over your website.

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