Why WordPress is Better Choice to run Your Business

Before jumping right into the discussion, I want to make it clear that there is no doubt in WordPress being a better platform for developing websites compared to traditional style of manually building website. However, many people enter the world of websites each day. Whenever such discussion is triggered, experts need to explain to these newbie people the exact reasons why WordPress is considered better than a static / traditional website and what are benefits of WordPress website so that they can count on WordPress with initial confidence. In this discussion, we are discussing the same.

It is CMS rather than just a blog builder

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Most of the people entering the digital world for money go for blogging rather that building their website / online business. This is when they first stumble upon the term WordPress. That is why most of the people believe that WordPress is a blogging platform. However, WordPress isn’t that limited. When you decide to check each and every corner of the powerful tool, you will see that it is a complete package of Content Management System. It is capable of developing blogs and appealing websites as well.

You are not restricted to premade templates

Another myth about WordPress is that user need to use a premade template and import their content into it, which is a partial truth only. User can either use the template as it is if he likes to do so or even customize it at their own willing since WordPress offers full customization options. All you have to do is learn to customize it. People also believe that WordPress requires a bunch of utilized plug-ins for running a website. The truth is that your website will simple break / slows down if whole a lot of plug-ins is there.

Above two points were surely were not WordPress advantages over traditional website. I decided to include them so that newbie sort out all the confusion about WordPress. Now that all the mess is cleaned let us guide the discussion towards discussing benefits of WordPress website over Static or traditional websites.

Cost and Time Efficient

There is no doubt that this is the most important edge of WordPress based website over traditional or static website. If you use WordPress for developing purpose, a lot of time and money would be saved. There is no backend development. Users / developers are allowed to insert front end content created with PHP / HTML dynamically. They also provide guides for new users. All the minor changes can be done by the users on their own. Ultimately, no special skills are required to develop website on WordPress.


Let me say three magical words, WordPress is open source, which ultimately means it is free. Once you have purchased a domain name and web hosting service, all you require is a few clicks to install WordPress. Among multiple benefits of WordPress website, this one delights new bloggers and online business owners the most. Moreover, their support is damn good. They have in depth tutorials of almost everything about their software. Their support is quite friendly for both developers and clients.

Search Engine Friendly

Search engine optimization is the most major concern of any website owner; let it be a blog or even a website. There would be no benefit if no traffic is coming. And no traffic will be there if the platform or website is not search engine optimized. WordPress offers a number of SEO plug-ins that is capable of getting your website search engine optimized by integrating WordPress. However, WordPress comes SEO-optimized from the beginning without requiring any additional SEO plugin.

It means that a WordPress website would always rank much better than a static / traditional website or even website built on other Content Management System. Everyone expects their website to rank better than others, no doubt in it. It is quite a great benefit of WordPress website over others, isn’t it?

Customer Support

Before WordPress was launched, Joomla was the primary website developer since it was the only automated software in field at that time. However, as WordPress came in the game, Joomla started dying as it was never existence. Joomla was poor at providing support. WordPress grabbed the market by not making the same mistake as Joomla did. Soon, WordPress took place of Joomla and became the most used automated website developer and content management system. Most of the developers and clients found it friendlier compared to other CMS.

Ultimate truth: more advanced than other CMS

WordPress is whole a lot of user friendly. It can be learnt easily and requires no technical knowledge to build a website. All you require to know is how to use mouse and keyboard. There is no need of learning how one can utilize PHP or HTML. WordPress is capable of doing it all for you. Front end development is done right on the user interface. All this might seem simple in this digital era. However, this is the only formula that helped WordPress to the place where it is now.


If you are reading until now, you may definitely have very well understood why experts prefer WordPress over other CMS. If not, try developing and running a website over other platforms. As you gain experience as a website developer you will soon get how good WordPress is than others. The ultimate truth is that benefits of WordPress website cannot be calculated since WordPress does not seem willing to rake rest. It is constantly developing their platform and evolving day by day.

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