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Winhost Review

The Winhost Review in below will analyze the datacenter, technology, features, prices, support and ease to use of Winhost. After the review, readers will know Winhost deeper and know whether Winhost is good to sign up as well.

As a growing web hosting company, Winhost devotes itself to premium asp.net hosting solutions based on shared servers. This company has many unique advantages, like self-owned servers, its office near to the datacenter, the self-designed control panel, the latest MS features, and so on. 

Winhost Review on Price

Winhost entry-level solution Basic is at $5.95 per month. However, this price could be lower at $3.95/mo if customers pay for 2-year Basic hosting fees. Thus, customers will save around 33% off with below Winhost coupon. Winhost accepts credit card payment including VISA, Discover, MasterCard and American Express.

Winhost Promotion Winhost Promotion
33% Off

What’s more, Winhost does not charge on setup. It will even provide free domain Whois privacy for 1 year. Max and Ultimate plans consist of 1 free domain name registration for 1 year as well.

However, in addition to ASP.NET hosting, Winhost recently also launched a managed WordPress hosting program that starts at $41.9/mo after cutting 30% off regular price $59.9/mo.

If customers are not satisfied, they can ask for a full refund within the first 30 days according to Winhost 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Winhost Review on Datacenters and Technology

Winhost gives 99.9% uptime guarantee to its customers around the world. Websites hosted on its servers have fast page loading speed and nice security. Check how Winhost makes it in below.

Winhost selected a local data center near to its offices. Therefore, its technical staffs will walk to the datacenter and check its servers anytime. As for the datacenter itself, it has redundant electricity from local plants, UPS backup battery power and standby generators. In addition to that, air conditioning systems maintain the temperature stable, which is beneficial to hosting.

More than that, Winhost has always purchased servers and updates them frequently. The servers are Dell brand, with high configuration like dual quad cores, 32 GB RAM, RAID 10 disk arrays and 64-bit software.

Most importantly, Winhost hosts each website in isolated application pools to decrease effect from other websites. Furthermore, the company hosts each element of hosting on separated servers as well. For example, SQL databases are on a server. Websites are on another server. Emails are hosted on another server too.

Winhost Review on Solutions and Features

Winhost only has shared Windows hosting but has 3 different level solutions to meet various demands. The 3 solutions are Basic plan, Max plan and Ultimate plan.

The Basic plan has 3 GB storage, 50 GB monthly data transfer and 1 MS SQL database. If people need these features being unlimited, Max and Ultimate plans are designed for them. On top of that, Winhost offers up to unlimited email accounts and email storage is up to 1000 MB. POP3, SMTP and IMAP are all supported.

All Winhost shared hosting is based on Windows server 2012 or Windows server 2008. Accordingly, Winhost supports IIS 8 and IIS 7 along with IIS manager remote access. Each solution contains other features such as full/medium trust, isolated application pools, URL Rewrite Module, site memory allocation, web deploy, etc.

Moreover, Winhost supports the latest MS SQL 2016 as well as previous versions. ASP.NET is updated to 4.7 version too. Customers will take advantage of MVC, RIA services, Silverlight, Web Sockets for Windows 2012, AJAX, Entity framework, LINQ and much more.

Meanwhile, Winhost ASP.NET hosting includes support for PHP 7 and 5.x, as well as MySQL database, leading to the fully managed WordPress hosting with constant maintenance and security. The hosting company promises monthly updates of WordPress core, themes and plugins. There is a team of in-house experts taking responsibility for WordPress installation, website migration, backups, and other WordPress-specific tasks.

Take the price and features into consideration, Winhost has a low-cost managed WordPress hosting solution. But it is not recommended, at least by us. As is known to every developer, Apache and Nginx are the most robust and featureful server for running WordPress. But Winhost managed WordPress hosting, apparently, is running on an IIS server.As an alternative, WPEngine, LiquidWeb and Bisend are better option for managed WordPress hosting on the marketplace.

Overally speaking, Winhost ASP.NET hosting is price valued. As typical ASP.NET hosting specialist, its hosting service contains ample developer friendly features and tools that enable customers to build a satisfied personal blog site or a business website, you could use it to host DotNetNuke or host nopCommerce website without any issue.

Winhost Review on Support

Winhost built a support portal for its customers to consult both technical and billing issues. Customers just need to log in the support portal by their login credentials of the control panel. Then they can submit their tickets and within 24 hours Winhost technicians will reply the tickets. In addition to that, Winhost has the knowledgebase and forum to support its customers.

It brings inconvenience when customers need to directly talk to a support staff in an emergency issue. This is also where Winhost fails to improve customer satisfaction rate as expected. If it wants to keep up with other industry leaders, it should consider adding live chat or toll-free phone support.

Winhost Review on Ease of Use

Winhost ASP.NET experts built a control panel based on web. This control panel integrates domain point manager, DNS management tool, SSL manager, web application installer and much more. It supports users to check payment history, update credit cards, change contact information, etc.

As a trend, an increasing number of hosting providers are choosing a specialized control panel provider rather than developing it by themselves. Currently, in the ASP.NET hosting world, Plesk is the most popular control panel solution that features an intuitive interface and a set of powerful extensions to make website creation and management ease of use.


Near to the datacenter, Winhost is convenient to manage its servers. Plus advanced servers and separated hosting, Winhost is reliable, speedy and secure. It gathers the latest MS features and is easy to use due to the self-built control panel. Prices are within affordable ranges. Support is 24 hours a day. So, we highly recommend Winhost for Windows hosting customers.

To learn more Winhost details, please follow www.winhost.com.

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  1. Overally good. $3.95/mo is reasonable and their support is efficient. They have answered all of questions even walking me through some of the steps. It is helpful for people like me who don’t have much experience in building websites. But I should say that their control panel is not as easy to use as expected. I can’t find the function areas directly sometimes.

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