Winhost vs Host4ASP.NET

It is hard to make a right decision between 2 similar web hosting providers. Winhost and Host4ASP.NET are such 2 web hosts. They both focus on ASP.NET hosting only; they are best ASP.NET hosting providers; they use Dell servers; they provide 30 day money back guarantee, etc. However, they have differences, making them fit for different customers.

In order to help people pick up a right host, we will compare Winhost and Host4ASP.NET from prices, features, performance, and customer support in below.

Who are Winhost and Host4ASP.NET


winhost logoWinhost ( has insisted on its mission all the way – to offer the most affordable Windows hosting solutions. At present, this company offers shared hosting based on Windows, SSL, and site security services.


host4 logoHost4ASP.NET ( always passes the latest technology to its customers. It is also recognized as Microsoft golden web hosting provider. Products in this company include shared hosting, VPS, reseller hosting, and Hong Kong hosting all based on Windows platform.

Winhost vs Host4ASP.NET on Prices

By comparing their hosting prices, we find out that Host4ASP.NET fixes a lower starting price. Moreover, in the case of shared hosting, Host4ASP.NET offers lower prices as well. But they both provide money back guarantee.

Winhost has 3 web hosting packages, which respectively start at $3.95/mo, $7.95/mo, and $15.95/mo. The 3 prices apply to 2-year billing cycles. If people do not want to pay for long terms, Winhost has 1-year and 3-month billing cycles, but charges higher. Taking Basic plan as an example, we find out that 2-year payment price $3.95/mo is around 33% off 3-month payment price $5.95/mo. Follow below link to claim Winhost coupon.

Winhost Exclusive Deal Winhost Exclusive Deal
33% Off

Host4ASP.NET offers up to 43% off discounts on its shared hosting. Thereby, after discounts, 3 packages of Host4ASP.NET shared hosting are respectively at $2.95/mo, $3.95/mo and $9.95/mo. Besides, the web host provides billing cycles that range over 1 year, 2 years and 3 years.

Host4ASP.NET VPS charges from $19.95/mo and its reseller hosting starts at $19.95/mo as well.

Host4ASP.NET Shared Hosting Host4ASP.NET Shared Hosting
43% Off

In addition to that, both companies give customers 30 day money back guarantee to try their hosting services for free of risks. If customers are not 100% satisfied, they can cancel accounts and require for a refund within the first 30 days.

Winhost vs Host4ASP.NET on Hosting Features

We have mentioned that Host4ASP.NET has shared hosting, VPS, and reseller hosting while Winhost offers shared hosting only. So, compared to Winhost, Host4ASP.NET gives customers more options. Moreover, going with Host4ASP.NET, customers can upgrade their shared hosting to VPS at the same host when their demands grow one day.

Next, we are going to compare shared hosting features of Winhost and Host4ASP.NET as following.

Winhost Basic plan contains 3 GB disk space, 50 GB monthly data transfer, and 250 email boxes. On the other hand, Host4ASP.NET Basic plan provides 10 GB space, unlimited data transfer, and 10 email accounts.

In terms of advanced features, Winhost web hosting is based on Windows Server 2012 or 2008 along with IIS 8/7. Host4ASP.NET integrates Windows Server 2012 and IIS 8.5 with its servers.

Besides, Winhost provides more SQL database versions including 2014, 2012, 2008 R2 and 2008 while Host4ASP.NET has SQL 2014 and 2012. However, Host4ASP.NET offers the latest ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6. Host4ASP.NET shared hosting has the easier-to-use control panel – WebSitePanel as well while Winhost gives an ASP.NET control panel designed by its own engineers.

winhost vs host4 on control panel comparison

As a matter of fact, both web hosts gives all essential and advanced features to support an ASP.NET website. They both offer full trust, isolated application pools, web deploy, Silverlight, URL Rewrite 2, and so on.

Winhost vs Host4ASP.NET on Stability and Speed

Here 2 web hosts both offer 99.9% uptime guarantee and industry-leading Windows hosting performance. But Winhost outperforms Host4ASP.NET in North America region due to easier to access servers.

Winhost operates at a local data center near to its office, so that its engineers can walk into the data center and check servers anytime. Furthermore, the web host utilizes Dell servers, featuring dual quad cores, 32 GB RAM, and RAID 10 disk array. And it hosts different elements on different servers. Websites are on a server; SQL databases are on another server; email data is on a separate server too. The data center has 24/7/365 monitoring and its engineers maintain servers around the clock too.

As for Host4ASP.NET, it takes advantage of 2 data centers in Chicago and Hong Kong respectively. The data centers come with top-notch environment for web hosting all the time. Moreover, the company deploys CloudFlare CDN to optimize latency for customers around the world. Server this company has been used for hosting are 100% Dell servers as well. What’s more, Host4ASP.NET has experts on monitoring servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Winhost vs Host4ASP.NET on Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, both companies give 24/7/365 support. However, Host4ASP.NET provides more convenient ways to contact its supporting technicians than Winhost.

winhost vs host4 on supportTo be a customer of Host4ASP.NET, people can get Host4ASP.NET technical support via live chat and email. In addition to that, Host4ASP.NET knowledgebase and blog collect the most of popular FAQs and tutorials, which will help a lot as well.

As for Winhost, its support portal is available to customers to get contact with its technicians. But customers have to submit their credentials to log in the portal in order to get help. This company also has knowledgebase and forum to help customers out by themselves.


In a word, we can see that both companies are great Windows web hosting providers. However, they are a little different based on above comparison.

Host4ASP.NET web hosting is cheaper and has more convenient support. To meet diverse demands, the company designs shared hosting, VPS and reseller hosting. So, we recommend Host4ASP.NET to customers ranging over individuals to businesses. Due to data center in 2 continents and CDN, Host4ASP.NET is fit for customers around the world.

On the other hand, Winhost is a premium Windows hosting provider. Especially it operates at a local data center to offer a higher level of performance for local customers. But it has shared hosting only. Therefore, we would like to strongly recommend this web host to individuals and small businesses in America.

For more information about Winhost and Host4ASP.NET, please respectively visit and

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