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wix reviewWix ( has employed powerful technology and made it simple for everyone to create web presence. In this Wix review, we will reveal why it’s the best website builder you should use.

First, here is some background about Wix. As the most successful website builder solution provider, Wix is a NASDAQ company with over 73 million users worldwide since 2006. Its solutions allow you to create a beautiful and powerful website at reasonable price via even if you have no idea on coding and designing.

Wix Review on Pricing

Wix knows that it is more or less an economic burden for people to create websites, especially if they are individuals or startups. In general, they have to pay for web hosting, domain, website design, etc. But, Wix makes it simple and economical by offering free website building and hosting services while it has paid premium plans for people to upgrade and get more features as well.

Wix free plan includes everything people need to build an amazing website, such as reliable web hosting and website design templates. However, subscribers under Wix free plan have to display a “Powered by Wix” advertisement banner on their web pages and the website url is a subdomain of Wix, which is not good for branding. People could upgrade to Wix paid premium plan to remove Wix AD banner and also use their own domain name.

As to Wix paid premium plans, we check there are 4 plans, accepting both monthly and yearly payments while monthly payment is a little more expensive and both of them are really affordable. Let’s see how much the 4 plans are under the yearly billing cycle as following:

  • Connect Domain plan – $4.08/mo
  • Combo plan – $8.25/mo after 35% off the regular $12.9/mo
  • Unlimited plan – $12.42/mo after 45% off the regular $22.9/mo
  • eCommerce plan – $16.71/mo after 35% off the regular $24.9/mo

Except the first plan, other 3 plans are discounted currently. Especially the third plan has 45% off discounts. At the same time, the 3 plans under the yearly cycle offer customers exclusive features, such as free domain, Google Adwords, and free apps. Wix does not charge for setup either.

Wix Time-limited Promotion Wix Time-limited Promotion
45% Off

At present, Wix acceptable payment options include major credit cards and debit cards, some of which are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners, etc. Furthermore, all Wix premium plans have 14 day money back guarantee as well.

Wix Website Builder Feature Review

No matter which kind of websites people are going to create: an online store, a blog, a music share website, a restaurant website, etc. Wix will fully satisfy them with its feature-rich website builder.

Since its inception, Wix has launched Flash Editor, HTML5 Editor, and this year drag and drop Editor. Its Editor is easy-to-use, in which a wide range of tools and templates are included. The editing dashboard is simple to understand and operate. Moreover, Wix Editor does not require people with coding knowledge.

wix features

In addition to that, Wix Editor also equips function that its subscribers could design desktop friendly websites as well as mobile friendly websites. Wix app market has over 250 apps and counting. Some are Wix made, and the others from third parties. These apps are helpful to get website building as people dream about and take websites to the next level.

This company also offers free domain with a format×××. People can also choose to upgrade to paid plans to connect their customized domains like www.×××.com. The latter domain is easy to remember and search engine friendly, but costs.

Besides domains, people could receive more from Wix paid Premium plans, including up to unlimited wider bandwidth, up to 20 GB storage, Google Analytics, no mobile ads, and much more.

According to our real experience, it is really easy and fast to become one subscriber of Wix for free. Just enter your email and passwords, and sign up immediately. Then in the integrated dashboard, you could manage all things, from account management, site settings to app installation.

Wix WebSite Templates are Best in Industry

Wix offers more than 500 designed made templates. And there are new templates every day. More than that, Wix template types cover purposes for business, events, CV, design, music, photography, etc. Subscribers can pick up templates via categories or searching keywords.

The templates have impressive features, such as video background and 3D effects. Web pages are allowed from one page to unlimited pages. And sub-pages are a good way to make websites look organized and professional.

wix templates

Wix Review on Transfer

Wix allows its subscribers to switch their paid premium plans from one site to another. And it is not difficult to achieve that. Just a few clicks require in their Wix accounts.

The company supports its subscribers to cancel their premium plans as well. Within the first 14 days, it even refunds them. Moreover, even if they cancel paid plans, subscribers can reserve their sites to the free version based on Wix cloud hosting platform.

Wix Review on Reliability

Wix houses websites of its subscribers on the top-level cloud hosting platform. Moreover, Subscribers do not need to pay for web hosting either, no matter which plan they choose, free or paid.

So, Wix is a reliable platform for people to create websites, though it has free services. In general, it offers uptime over 99.9%.

Wix Customer Support

Wix explains its Editor on its online help center. If people do not know how to start, visit Wix help center and get solutions. This company also gives other resources on the help center, like Wix Touch, technical difficulties, etc. Wix also gives video tutorials so that learning how to building websites gets easier.

Additionally, Wix forum welcomes visits if people need to read news, get solutions or communicate with other users. Wix has official blog, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, and so on for customers if they need. In terms of Wix customer reviews, as we can see from HostUCan, most of them are really positive. is the Best Website Building Platform

In a word, Wix easy to use website builder and rich templates support its subscribers to create websites that are friendly on both mobile and desktop. Moreover, websites based on Wix platform are reliable, easy to transfer and well-supported. Most importantly, Wix offers free services besides premium plans. So, Wix has gotten wide popularity with 45,000 new sign-ups each day on average. So, why not visit right now to get your site beautifully created for free or with up to 45% off discounts?

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