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Wix vs. Strikingly

Here we are to make an in-depth comparison to help customers choose a better website builder partner for their online presence. In this comparison, we will take two famous website builder companies Wix and Strikingly. From pricing, features, reliability as well as customer support. we are try our best to reveal the better one for our readers.

About Wix and Strikingly

wix-logo-1In 2006, Wix ( was founded; since then, Wix totally changes the way that people create their online presence. Having more than 90million customers around the world, Wix ensures to provide the freedom that everyone wants to build their own stunning websites. Its unparalleled design capabilities and open SDK enable partners, web designers, developers, and other online professionals to effectively marketing their services and apps.

strikingly-logoComparing with Wix, Strikingly ( founded in 2012, is relatively younger than Wix. In this field, Strikingly is one of few Chinese providers. With 5 years of fast development, Strikingly now has become an excellent website editor choice for those one-page building. Clarity, simplicity, and accessibility are the core value of Strikingly service.

Wix and Strikingly on Pricing

Wix and Strikingly are leading companies in the website builder industry. To make more customers feel satisfied and get more customers’ ideas online, both of them launce free website builder plan and higher paid plans.

Wix free plan includes free Wix domain, free hosting, 1 GB bandwidth, 500 MB storage, and Wix brand ads. Well, Strikingly offers Strikingly domain, unlimited free websites, 1 product per site, and 5 GB monthly transfer. To be honest, the free plans at Wix and Strikingly both can only meet the basic needs of website building. If customers want more freedom and features, the paid plans are better choices.

Wix paid plans are also the Premium plans. There are 5 plans in all, among which the entry-level one named Connect Domain includes all resources free plan including and connection to customers’ domains. Normally, it starts at $5/mo, but when choosing longer terms, it can charge less. Up to 50% discount is available to make the plan start at $3.5/mo, once they select 3 year term.

Wix Exclusive Deal Wix Exclusive Deal
50% Off

Strikingly paid plans have Basic and Professional. The entry-level one normally charges at $12/mo, including connection to customers’ domain, 2 basic websites, unlimited free websites, 50 GB monthly bandwidth, and simple online store supporting 5 products per site. When selecting 2 year term, the pricing is at $7/mo, namely decreasing about 42% off.

Strikingly Exclusive Deal Strikingly Exclusive Deal
41% Off

Based on information above, we learn that Wix offers cheaper paid plans than Strikingly. Besides, Wix has a 14 Day money back guarantee, while Strikingly includes the same 14 days of free trail.

Wix and Strikingly on Features, Templates & App Center

We have known that Wix and Strikingly both are regarded as two best website builder companies. So, we can ensure that one of the most important factors that attract so many customers is rich features. Now, let’s check out their features as following:


Wix and Strikingly both understand the simplicity and ease of use are important to website builder solution. Both offer the easy to use editor without any coding knowledge requested. HTML capabilities are both available at Wix and Strikingly. Wix also has Flash editor and drag-and-drop editor; Strikingly offers 1-click editor. Moreover, both of them provide mobile friendly editor, allowing customers to design responsive sites on any device.


Wix and Strikingly allows customers to connect their own domains, so that they can create the beautiful website for their own brands. Wix offer 1-year free domain within higher paid plans, while Strikingly offers free domain for 2 years. To perfect website, both companies enable customer to add multiple sections on their sites, including Galleries, Media Blocks, and App store.

Besides, both companies offer their website editor with SEO and marketing tools. Google Analytics can be founded at the both, providing the website traffic tracking and reporting. Wix also has $300 Ad vouchers.

Additionally, Wix also has some new features included recently. There are Wix ADI helping to design a tailor-made site, columns making customers split strips more intuitive and stunning. CTA, Lightbox, Google Maps, scroll effects, Mobile menu designs, and more.

Templates & Themes

Wix now can offer more than 500 designers-made templates. There are always updates every day. Even better, Wix has already made its templates covering a wide range of themes and topics, including business, CV, events, music, design, photography, online store, blog, and other more.

Besides, Wix enables impressive effects on these templates, including 3D effects and video background. It also allows to creating unlimited pages, and those sub-pages are made looking professional and organized.

Strikingly also makes the templates cover many fields. Customers at Strikingly are allowed to customize their templates as they need. And these templates can automatically be adjusted to fit different sizes of screens. Differently, Strikingly focuses on design one-page sites.

App Center

Wix has been improving its editor for better website effects. According to the packages features, we can know that customers can get website booster App that is worth $60, and form builder App worth $48. Now, Wix even integrates new mobile app for customers to engage more users. Traditionally, Social media integration is included at both companies.

Strikingly’s App Store integrates a variety of applications. No matter free customers or paid customers, they can both choose favorable apps they need. Generally, there are 5 categories, including business, eCommerce, media, social and documents. To make customers build more functional and powerful websites, Strikingly also offers 3-party apps, like Google Maps, PayPal, Ecwid, WuFoo, and Soundcloud.


Wix and Strikingly on Reliability

For the best possible reliability, Wix deploys customers’ websites on the top line cloud hosting, which is offered free for charge but keeps stable and fast with cloud technology. Besides, Wix all plans come with SSL secure payment, ensure the transaction security for customers. Generally, Wix guaranteed a 99.9% uptime on average for each customers relying on Wix.

As for Strikingly, it is supported by many venture capital companies, including Y Combinator, Index, Ventures, SV Angel, and others. It means that Strikingly has redundant founds for hardware and infrastructure investment. Therefore, customers can set back to enjoy the reliable hosting service included in website builder packages. Additionally, Strikingly also uses cloud platform to house websites, and the cloud platform is managed and high performance.

Wix and Strikingly on Customer Support

Wix and Strikingly both dive all knowledge into their own help center, including domains, mailboxes, mobile, SEO & statistics, blog, billing, and other more. No matter what issue customers have or what skill they want to learn, they can quickly find the answer or tutorials by searching in knowledge base.

Besides, Wix and Strikingly also offer email or ticket for customer to contact their experts for tough questions. What’s more, Wix also allows customers to reach them via social media, blog and PR inquires and questions. Making use of Wix official Facebook, blog, LinkedIn, or Google+, customers can get prompt support.

Comparing their support methods, Wix and Strikingly are both careful to collect almost all information that customers need into Help Center, while the contact method is also available. Both of them are good at this.

Which One Is Better to Go with?

Based on this comparison, Wix is cheaper than Strikingly and always includes new features to help customers get more freedom and powerful to create beautiful websites. Considering its reliability and standard support, we think Wix is suitable for all kinds of customers. For Strikingly, it is famous of one-page website design; standard support and performance also make many customers trust it. Plus affordable pricing, we think it fits individuals and small businesses more.

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