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Why WordPress Is The Best CMS For Blogging

If you have planned to start your own blogging site, nothing can be the best option other than WordPress. WordPress these days is considered as the best blogging platform that was introduced 13 years back and now has become the most favored CMS for blogging. With more than 75 million websites built on WordPress which is obviously a very good number, most of the bloggers are now intending to use WordPress CMS as their blogging platform. While many more options are easily available in the market, a question might arise in many minds that why use WordPress? And what is the specialty of this platform?

Well, the reasons of WordPress being preferred by most bloggers are explained here.

Why use WordPress?

It’s easy to set up and manage:

The first and foremost reason why this CMS is being preferred as the best blogging platform, is its easy installation and setup process. Yes, you do not have to process good knowledge rather any novice can do it in just a minute. The interface is much simple to be handled by the beginners while the intuitive dashboard ensures the bloggers will not face any kind of difficulty in settings up the pages, uploading and posting contents. The sites can be managed hassle free with auto update feature and the features ensure that the WordPress site gets updated on time if the users are busy with other schedules.

What is needed to do is just upload new contents, schedule their release and other things will be taken care by the WordPress site. The design is attractive too.

Access to numerous themes and plugins:

A website is to be well designed in order to attract visitors even though the content is of high quality and as a novice blogger, you might not be that expert to take care of the design part which normally requires hiring a good designer. But this is not the case when using WordPress CMS as the blogging platform as it comes with numerous plugins and themes employing which an engaging and stunning looking website can be built in no time. While there is an option to download the free theme and plugins for your WordPress blogging platform, premium themes are also available which is packed with immense support for easy setup and uses.

Easy customization:

The bloggers can make their blogging site to look the way they want through the easy customization process. Yes, in WordPress it is a very simple job that can be done using the customization tab and do not require any kind of coding and all which might be needed in a blogging platform built on raw HTML codes. Also, you can check the look of the site using various themes and employ the one that works better according to you.

Excellent support feature:

If why use WordPress is what you want to know, then the excellent support feature is one of the best reasons to go for this blogging platform. This blogging platform with an age of  13 years became highly stable, effective and secure by now and its large online community of developers built up by this time comes forward to help you in resolving any kind of issues related to WordPress. Also, the bloggers will get immense support from the WordPress support forum to get an answer of their all kind of issues. With all these the Google search too can help you a lot for any kind of queries, so when it comes to needed support, not to worry at all.

SEO friendly:

By default WordPress site is built to be more SEO friendly than any other similar blogging websites and it definitely makes this platform one of the best choices to the bloggers. While a normal HTML site is to be well optimized in order to have good ranking in search engine, all these features are in-built in WordPress site. Moreover, various plugins are also available for this purpose that just works to enhance the SEO.

Yoast SEO is one such very useful WordPress plug-in which is being used by the bloggers to boost SEO implementation. This saves your great amount of time, effort and money of course.

Monetization option:

Once you have earned the required trust and respect from your visitors and audiences, and your blogging site gets bit well established its time to earn money through to it and the WordPress platform let the users’ huge opportunity for that. The bloggers can easily contact various publishers or advertisers for posting ad in their WordPress site and can earn a lucrative amount of money through it. After all the main aim of starting a blogging platform is to gain popularity to earn money and WordPress platform comes with huge support for that.

It’s accessible on Mobile:

These days you will find hardly anyone who sits in front of their computer or laptop rather most of the time they remain busy with mobile and prefer this device as well when it comes to internet surfing or browsing which requires the websites to be mobile friendly in order to open in the mobile devices. WordPress is just perfect for that. This is a mobile friendly platform that requires nothing special from your end in order to make your site visible in the mobile devices. Rather just choose the responsive site theme and it will change the look of your site based on the user’s device which will automatically enhance the mobility of your WordPress site.

It is completely free:

Another perfect answer of why use WordPress? Yes, the basic package of WordPress is completely free, so when a novice user thinks of starting a blog, WordPress can be considered as the best CMS for blogging which will allow the site to be started absolutely free. However, later you can go on to have the paid themes and plugins if required.

So, there are plenty of reasons why WordPress is being called as the best CMS for blogging and it is obvious that users can save their great amount of time, effort and money from it as the learning process is really much simple that can be done in your own.

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