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10 Must Have WordPress Plugins to Grow Your Small Business

Have you been dreaming of establishing an effective online business which receives applauds? You can try building the framework of your website on must-have free WordPress plugins which can prove heavily beneficial for your online business. If you choose to develop your website on self-made WordPress plugin, you might receive greater profits. This profit can be achieved in both administrative and management terms. In terms of management of the website, the users are enabled to install an unlimited number of must-have free WordPress plugins both for free and on premium.

The users can also install several themes as they might want to their website, which can be used only for once. In terms of the administrative profit, the users or the webmasters get complete control of their website for the creation of several sub-domains, managing the FTPs and even the creation of the customized branded Email accounts.

We have listed below ten top best must-have free WordPress plugins which can help the webmasters transform their simple website into a personalized corporate online website. Some of these are:


SEOPressor is the premium version of the WordPress plugin. It is considered to be the most efficient and must-have free WordPress plugins to enhance the SEO activities and services by a particular website. The SEOPressor plugin takes care of the SEO functioning of the website, both for the optimization of the on as well as the off pages. With the use of this efficient plugin, the webmasters can enhance the social activity of their website by the addition of the Facebook open graph tags and even the metadata of Twitter. In addition to these, the SEOPressor has the smart and powerful interlinking of the various functions of the website which allows the webmasters to link their websites’ internal pages with much ease and convenience.

With the use of the SEOPressor WordPress plugin, the users are given the opportunity to search as many as ten LSI words for 3 different seed or primary keywords. These LSI keywords can then be dragged onto the desired post and then the post can be updated with the addition of phrases or words which are done automatically.

For the retrieval of the LSI words or keywords, the SEOPressor makes use of Bing API and the suggest function of Google Auto. This enables the users to receive more and better suggestions. With the use of the SEOPressor WordPress plugin, the users can also receive splendid individual page analysis which works on the principle of the complex algorithm. With the use of this functionality, the webmasters can optimize the content of the website to the maximum level.

WordPress SEO by Yoast:

The Yoast WordPress plugin has been regarded as the most famous and downloaded must-have free WordPress plugins for the optimization of the websites. This WordPress plugin is smart in functioning, allows the users to add customized keyword tags and meta descriptions and also allows to use advances in the page analysis of the website. The users can add no follow, follow, no index, index, nor tags to the complete website or to the individual posts or pages. With this efficient plugin, the users can also get SEO control over the tag pages, post types, archives, author profiles and category.

Moreover, this WordPress plugin also enables the integration of the Facebook open tag and the metadata of Twitter onto the HTML structure of the web page. With this functionality, the webmasters can make their content more user-friendly which will boost the website traffic and social presence to a significant level.

Simple Sitemap:

As per the suggestions of the Google webmasters and several guides, it is imperative of every website to be it small blogging website to major corporate websites to submit the sitemap of their sites to the webmaster tools. With the use of this WordPress plugin, the users can increase the organic traffic of their website and also improve their rate of indexation. With the use of this efficient plugin, the webmasters can generate XML sitemaps exactly in the way Google would like them to submit. This will also get automatically updated upon the posting of every new article or any new updates in the previous pages or posts.

Google Authorship:

With the use of this amazing WordPress plugin, the users can verify the Google authorship with much ease. As such, all that the user and the author need to do is add the link back to the website from the section of the contributor. With this effective plugin, the rest is assured by the plugin itself as it automatically determines the name of the author and the biography using the API.

Contact Form 7:

It forms the part of an integral business or corporate website WordPress plugin with as many as 12 million downloads as it comes for free. The contact forms play a significant role in boosting the performance of the online business which enables the customers and the precious readers to contact the team members for any relevant suggestions or queries. With this plugin, the webmaster can reach out their customers with much ease and can even procure their valuable feedback.

Woo Commerce:

Have you been planning to establish affiliate only or a self-branded website and wish to promote the products or services directly from your website? Then Woo Commerce is the most efficient must-have free WordPress plugins for your website which can help the webmasters in setting up the brand of their own.

Google Analytics:

This WordPress plugin helps the webmasters to keep track of the links to particular pages or posts which might directly contribute to increasing the conversion rate for your website.

WP Super Cache:

This plugin creates the HTML static pages of the dynamic content of the website and thus boosts the overall performance of the website.

Social Media Auto Publish:

This plugin helps to improve the brand presence over the social media and thus increases the chances of increasing traffic and the conversion rate of the desired website.

Simple Share Buttons Adder:

With the use of this plugin, the users can increase the social media presence by the customization of the button colors, share texts, icon set, and locations.

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