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WordPress is the world’s most popular open source based content management system. It provides the most convenient and easeful way of building websites and blogging. It has omitted the need to pose coding knowledge and skills for an ordinary person. With WordPress one does not need anything to create a website or maintain his online activities. WordPress is built on PHP and MySQL and features the most modern template and plugin based website services.

wordpressFounded in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg, WordPress, has changed the whole world of World Wide Web. Its core features include its simplicity. The CMS offers great simplicity being flexible for users to create, manage, and edit anything they want to do. In terms of publishing ease the tool has redefined the limit for everyone. Again for user and media management, it allows greater participation with more visibility of site from other media and networks. Users do not need to worry about technical aspects or standardization of WP because it comes as compliant and standardized with latest HTML, WWW requirements.

Technically saying the plugin system, theme, application framework, library and content type support are among its core reason for such great popularity. Plugins ensure that the user can add any functional feature and capability he or she wants to add to the website. There are thousands of plugins that are readily available for use. And most of them come as free honoring the open source promise. For theme one can get simple to advanced themes. Few are paid and few are free to use. These themes have created visual, usage and navigational preferences among users. It respected the industry variations among the user class and created niche specific themes that looms better result and success for the user.

Then on application framework WP, gives you the open option to try your web app. If you do not have it readily available you can create one and offer or use it on your website. Even for the server part the appli8cation framework is of high importance. Consider security, maintenance and site control and administration issues; WordPress is the best.

Another key reason of its unique popularity is the customization capabilities of content. It is flexible with different content type that you plan to publish. Whether it is a video, image or text or infographic or streaming content; you can always set the taxonomies and metadata for them and publish them easily. The functional implications of publishing different content breeds result in better viewer and traffic experience. People start to love and like your site more and more.

While WordPress puts the focus on user and uses; it actually remains modern and dynamic. This is why the CMS get updated with latest library systems whether you have it on jQuery or Plupload etc. Even Underscore.js and Backbone.js are no exception. It will make your users to fly high.

wordpress-social-mediaWordPress can ensure you to have full control of your online activities whether it is responding to your followers’ comments, optimizing a website for search engines result rank or even to support the viewers from different language with multilingual arrangements. All these come true only when you will find the CMS tool to be easy to install and upgrade – WordPress is easy to install and upgrade. All it takes is single click and few seconds. Even if someone is not pretty sure that how to do it as all ready and go then for those there is free version. From the free version you can later import the site to a paid one enabled with lot more functional capabilities. Converting and importing are two important aspects that have lead users to own their data set. Once data set is owned you need to think of hosting them. WordPress can be hosted on and from anywhere. For instance, if you are blogging on Tumblr you can recreate that in your WordPress by importing it and host the same on any server.

While engagement stays as the ultimate objective for your blogging or domaining, freedom, community building and contribution are key aspects to consider for such objectives achievement. WordPress gives you all of them. Ease of use is there, for functional capabilities you are open to make your choice from wide array of showcasing capabilities with themes, plugins, responsiveness, OS run, support and so on. If you cannot make the best, don’t worry, you can get the best for free. What will make you stay behind? Do you have your personal website up yet? Take the lead and build your own website with WordPress as the CMS and stay ahead of your competition. Make money or spread your cause, WordPress is the tool for you to go along. It is my favorite, shall be your soon.

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