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Since WordPress has been highly sought after to build their websites, WordPress theme, plugin and more also enjoy a huge support by many webmasters. In this article, we will put our focus on WordPress YouTube plugin.

There is no doubt that there are many YouTube plugins for WordPress, so how to choose the most suitable one becomes a big issue. To help webmasters easily pick up the best YouTube plugin for their WordPress websites, we will introduce four well-known plugins to them in below article.

YouTube Videos for WordPress

The first YouTube plugin we want to present to webmasters is YouTube Video for WordPress, which enables webmasters to integrate various YouTube feeds into their blogs. Webmasters can check the highlights of this plugin in the following:

  • Search videos from blogs
  • Customizable widgets and shortcodes
  • Display videos from any YouTube channels/ playlist/ a search result
  • Automatic videos preview
  • Do not require API key
  • No need to touch any PHP files

If webmasters intend to know more information about the plugin, they can visit this link.


YouTube WordPress Plugin- Video Import

Then, let’s come to another plugin, YouTube WordPress Plugin-Video Import. It is a very useful and flexible plugin that allows video import into WordPress to create a video blog within several minutes with no problems. It is also compatible with some responsive and premium themes, such as TrueMag, De Tube, Wave and more.

In addition to the information we mentioned above, it can also provide its users with many rich features, including:

  • Create new videos with an easy way
  • Automatic video import from YouTube/ user playlists
  • Be awesome for SEO
  • Responsive video and playlist design
  • HTML 5player supporting
  • The newest video widget
  • Be compatible with iPad and iPhone
  • Automatic plugin update
  • External CSS

Besides the above features, webmasters can get access to some other features. Please visit the link to get to know more details of this plugin.


WordPress YouTube Channel Anywhere Plugin

The third one we want to introduce to webmasters is WordPress YouTube Channel Anywhere Plugin. By taking advantage of this plugin, its users can get copious features to operate their websites, such as:

  • Easy to use admin interface
  • Built-in lighbox video player
  • Unlimited channels on each post/ page
  • Responsive layouts
  • Support custom post types
  • Support all post types
  • Admin panel: Webmasters can freely change the border color and title color with it.
  • Support multiple columns/ layout

By following this link, webmasters can check more details of WordPress YouTube Channel Anywhere Plugin.


Video Player WordPress Plugin- (YouTube/ FLV/ H264)

This plugin makes it possible for its users to administrate the whole video player by utilizing a pretty user-friendly interface. Moreover, webmasters can customize feel, look, CSS file and playlist of the player with this plugin.

The main highlights of Video Player WordPress Plugin will be displayed, and webmasters can check in the following:

  • Two versions are available for webmasters, namely Right Side Playlist, and Bottom Playlist
  • Support any type of video files
  • Support Google Analytics
  • Manage multiple video players
  • Automatic resize
  • Full screen
  • Video streaming with buffer
  • Volume control
  • Autohide for controllers
  • Loop
  • Watermark
  • Video description
  • Shortcode available
  • Click listener
  • Play list customization
  • Help file

If webmasters are interested in this plugin, this link is available for them to get to know more information.


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