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WPEngine Review

WPEngine Review below is based on our real experience with WPEngine and the reviews we have collected from its customers, in which we would review WPEngine hosting price value, speed performance, reliability, ease-of-use, and customer service.

Founded in downtown Austin, Texas, WPEngine ( is a relatively trendy company that only focuses on managed WordPress hosting service. Although the company doesn’t have a long history, it’s now proudly hosting 75 million WordPress websites and applications for 30,000 clients around the world.

WPEngine Special Discount

WPEngine prefers building long-term relationships with customers rather than short terms. Based on that, WPEngine gives discounts to its customers as following:

Regularly, WPEngine WordPress hosting starts at $29/mo if customers pay month to month. However, when people sign a contract with WPEngine for one year and prepay one-year fees, the company will deduct 2-month fees, making its hosting start at $290 each year. Meanwhile what is offers is not discounted.

WPEngine Exclusive Deal WPEngine Exclusive Deal
2 Month Free

To know more details about WPEngine discounts, you can click here to get more.

WPEngine Review on Price Value

WPEngine keeps customers needs in mind, so it integrated all necessary and many remarkable features in the solution to ensure the best and the most professional WordPress hosting in the whole industry. For example,

  • Unlimited LargeFS Storage and data transfer;
  • Daily backups and one-click restore-points that allows customers take a snapshot of their entire website with few clicks;
  • Staging area, from which customers can deploy new pages, themes, or site changing without worrying about crashing their website;
  • Curated plugins, themes and power tools & services to help build custom WordPress site;
  • Optional SSL and CDN.

As a managed WordPress hosting service provider, WPEngine does its best to free its customers out of technical stuff so that they can focus on the content of their blogs. The company performs regular updates and malware scans. It makes technical issues easy like SSL installation just within a few clicks.

There are 4 hosting package based on shared server environment, which are Personal Plan, Professional Plan, Business Plan, and Premium Plan. Also WPEngine provides dedicated hosting environment for customers with higher demands.As we mentioned above, now customers could get 2 months for free if they pre-pay for 1 year plan of WPEngine managed WordPress hosting.

Let’s take its personal plan as an example. Its price is at $29/mo, but people could pay $290 to use it for 1 year, including 1 WordPress install, 10 GB local storage, transfer installs, LargeFS, staging, and 24/7 support. This plan targets at websites with 25,000 visits each month.

What’s more, the company guarantees 60 days money back so that customers could just feel free to use its service. If they feel its service is not right for them, within the guaranteed days, they can cancel accounts and get their money back.

WPEngine Review on Reliability

One of the most essential features that WPEngine lives by is its ability to deliver customers the fastest WordPress around, and guarantees the best uptime as well as security. Moreover, for all its plans based on shared environment or dedicated environment, WPEngine ensures high performance.

In addition to three international data centers located in US, Asia and Europe, WPEngine takes the WordPress hosting to a new level with multi-server clusters, latest powerful hardware, in-RAM caching, and RAID storage. And an optional content delivery network service would make the website being loaded even faster. EverCache is also pre-installed on WPEngine servers to speed up page loading 4-6 times fasters. Well designed and numerous tested front-end system delivers the fastest page loading speed as well.

The front-end system is also designed for improving security by automatically blocking potential risk visits and accepting valid requests. As the most common-used blogging tool, WordPress has become the most common target of hackers. However, WPEngine can help avoid attacking and guarantee high security by automatically free scanning malware and fixing loopholes besides the front-end system.

WPEngine managed WordPress hosting based on dedicated environment offers more powerful performance with increased CPU, memory and disk. Customers are able to maximize customize hosting environment as needed.

WPEngine Review on Ease-of-Use

As a managed WordPress hosting provider, WPEngine does the most of technical work for customers while customers just need to focus on their online content. Also, WPEngine offers a user-friendly portal for customers to manage their hosting and WordPress websites.Moreover, the company has a post to introduce its user portal in detail on its online support center.

Inside the user portal, customers can see buttons like dashboard, installs, users, settings, youraccount and support. In other words, customers can get all things dealt via the portal and the interface is friendly to understand so that customers can easily achieve their goals. For example, customers can change billing information, install WordPress sites, check reports of each install, install add-ons, ask for support, etc.

In terms of payment methods, WPEngine accepts credit cards including American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. PayPal is not accepted any longer.

WPEngine Review on Customer Service

At WPEngine, there is no such “first level” support. All of its employees are WordPress experts that could answer all the questions. Customers can get the expert assistance over email, phone call and live chat. However, only the email support is available all the time for all customers. Phone support is 24/7 available for customers except Personal plan customers. As to live chat, it is for customers from 6am to 8pm CT. Customers are able to check WPEngine Support Garage, where has the most comprehensive and valuable tutorials for WordPress.

If customers already have a WordPress website running, and want to move to WPEngine, they could use WPEngine Automated Migration plugin to migrate their sites to WPEngine platform within a few clicks for free. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is another support for customers building WordPress websites.

Should You Choose WPEngine?

Compared to many other WordPress hosting service, WPEngine price is quite costly. But considering its full-managed service, unbeatable reliable and speed, it really deserve such high price. Plus its 2-month free services and 60 day money back guarantee, WPEngine is recommendable to have a try.

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